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How to book the most perfect Mykonos villa for you

Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. Each year, millions of visitors, most of them rather young, flock to this rather small island in the Aegean Sea. One might think that this is because of the gorgeous beaches with crystal clear waters and the scenic villages that Mykonos is famous for, but that is not the case. Mykonos is also known for its extravagance and its very fun night-life. People from all over the world come to this Greek island for one reason alone: to have the most fun and unforgettable summer vacation of their lives and needless to say, Mykonos doesn’t disappoint.

Mykonos may be rather small but it is home to some of the hottest clubs and bars in Europe. During the high tourist season – from the start of July to the end of August – its visitors are pretty much partying non-stop. Nearly every night there are events and parties at clbs at other venues, many of which feature DJ sets by celebrity DJs. Furthermore, Mykonos is also known for having some of the most exclusive and most award-winning restaurants in Europe. It’s no wonder that it’s the destination that many celebrities – from millionaire entrepreneurs to members of the Kardashian clan – choose this island for their summer vacation.

What makes Mykonos really special however, is the fact that it is full of extremely luxurious villas that are available for rent to everyone that can afford them. If you want to have a truly unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience in Mykonos, then you simply need to stay on one of the villas. They might cost more than a hotel room – which is to be expected, you will be renting an entire property after all – but they are spacious that they can accommodate a lot of people, which means that you can get some of your friends with you and then split the cost between you. How does one pick a holiday villa though? Let’s see some of the factors that should affect your choice!


Some people don’t want to party during their vacation at Mykonos, they want to spend their time relaxing in privacy. Because of that, a lot of the villas on the island are located pretty far from major towns and villages. The island is rather small so a town is never that far away, but if you want to enjoy the island’s (in)famous night-life, then we suggest that you pick as villa locate as close to the island’s capital, Mykonos, as possible. In the end of the day the choice is yours, but pay attention to each villa’s position on the map.

Extra services

Villas are all about luxury which is why some villas come with some extra services like daily maid service and a butler or even a professional chef at the property. It goes without saying that some of those services are not included in the price and they can bring up the rate quite significantly. Don’t book services that you don’t need. The one service that you will need, is a guide that will help you get into the clubs and restaurants of your choice.

Outdoor facilities

Like we said earlier, once someone rents a villa they rent the entire property including any outdoor areas and facilities. If you are looking to book a villa in Mykonos then, you should pay attention to the outdoor features of each property. Most of the villas come with swimming pools and barbeque areas, while some even have tennis or basketball courts. It goes without saying that you can organize a party or any other event on the property during your stay there.