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Spend your Greek honeymoon in Mykonos

Greece is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and the world in general. This rather small country in the south of Europe manages to attract millions of visitors each year thanks to its rich history, hundreds of islands and of course its gorgeous landscapes and sunny weather. However, there are some destinations within the country that are more popular than others, some that are visited by hundreds of thousands of people – including many celebrities – each year. Mykonos is one of such destinations.

Unless you have been living under a rock or you have never heard of Greece, chances are that you have heard the name Mykonos. This small island in the Cyclades island complex is a favorite destination of the rich and the famous and is known for its vibrant night-life, extravagant parties and many exclusive restaurants and beach bars. It is one of the most exclusive and luxurious destinations in the country and Europe in general. There is however another aspect to Mykonos that many people seem to ignore: it is a very popular Greek honeymoon destination.

It’s no secret that Greece is a favorite destination for honeymoon trips. Thousands of couples from all over the world choose the Greek islands to celebrate their first days of married life. Some of the country’s islands, such as Crete and Santorini keep making the top ten honeymoon destinations lists of various travel publications each year. Mykonos however is not far behind and in fact, it is becoming more popular by the minute. What makes it such an ideal honeymoon destination in a country full of romantic destinations and places? Let’s find out!

Amazing luxury

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience, or at least it should be, and thus it stands to reason that it should be as unforgettable as possible. This is why a lot of couples spend a fortune in order to spend their honeymoon in an exotic island or country. Well, spending a few days living like a rock star or royalty can be just as unforgettable as enjoying Mojitos while lying on a hammock and in Mykonos you can do both of those things. Most of the island’s hotels and accommodations are ridiculously luxurious, mainly because they are frequented by stars and jet-setters. If you have ever dreamt of spending a few days in luxury with your significant other, Mykonos is the right choice.

Gorgeous landscapes

A honeymoon trip should not just be about luxury though. The reason why people choose to visit exotic destinations is the fact that they also want to experience great natural beauty during their honeymoon trip. Mykonos is an island known all over the world for its beautiful landscapes and its traditional architecture. If someone asks you to close your eyes and describe a Greek island, chances are that you will describe Mykonos. It really is extremely picturesque and romantic and unique. It might not have beaches full of palm trees, but its traditional white-washed houses and windmills make for a more romantic backdrop to a couple’s honeymoon photos.

The best of ALL worlds

Mykonos is a rather small island, even when compared to other Greek islands, what it lacks in size however, it more than makes up in variety. Do you like clubbing and dancing? Some of the most famous night-clubs, bars and beach bars in Europe are located on the island. Do you like shopping? Every major brand and fashion designer has a branch in Mykonos. Are you a foodie or a food lover? Mykonos is chock-full of exclusive restaurants run by world-class chefs! No matter how you imagine your perfect honeymoon in Greece, Mykonos has you covered!