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Luxury Mykonos Villas and why They Stand Out

When it comes to summer vacations there is a new trend that seems to be taking the world by storm. More and more people each year are interested in spending their summer vacation living large in a luxurious villa. The phenomenon of so called “luxury tourism” has changed the way many people think about their vacation. This kind of vacation costs more than a regular few weeks long getaway to a summer resort and a seaside hotel, but it is a once in a lifetime experience that thousands of people are curious of living.

It goes without saying that there are certain destinations that tend to draw more of those “luxury tourists” than others. This is usually because those destinations offer the most luxurious villas and the most extravagant activities. However, there are some luxury vacation destinations that manage to stand out from the others. Mykonos is one of those destinations since it manages to attract thousands or even millions o visitors each year, but what makes Mykonos so unique?

What sets Mykonos apart from other destinations when it comes to luxury travel, is the fact that it manages to offer amazing landscapes, a vibrant nightlife and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. What really makes this small Greek island stand out however, is the fact that some of the most extravagant villas in Europe can be found there. Let’s see what one needs to know about Mykonos villas. A lot of villa rental agencies on the island like zinasvillas.com offer a big collection of villas for you to choose from.

They are all unique and state of the art

What sets Mykonos villas apart from others in the same region is the fact that they have been designed mostly as holiday homes for millionaires and other celebrities, which means that they are extravagantly luxurious. Nearly all of them have been designed by well known architects and they have all been decorated by famous interior designers. It goes without saying that they all come fully equipped with state of the art entertainment features – some even have complete home theater setups – and the most modern kitchens and appliances imaginable. If you are looking for the best and most unique villas in the world, you will definitely find them in Mykonos.

Large outside spaces

Most Mykonos villas tend to be located on rather larger properties, which means that they have many outdoor features to offer to their guests. In fact, they almost all come with large swimming pools and even dedicated barbeque areas, complete with all the necessary equipment. Some even have tennis courts and even gyms. The outdoor space of the properties can be used for a variety of events, including parties and even weddings. It’s not unusual for couples to get married or have their wedding reception in a Mykonos villa, which is why Mykonos is also one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.

Very spacious

Like we mentioned earlier, a vacation in a holiday villa will cost you quite a bit of money, especially in a destination as popular as Mykonos. With that having been said, there are ways that one can bring down the cost of a luxury vacation. Mykonos villas are huge, which means that they can easily accommodate small or even large groups of people. In other words, you can get a few of your friends with you on your luxury vacation and you can split the cost. At the end of the day, this ridiculously extravagant vacation can actually cost you than a few days stay in a three or four star hotel in Mykonos.

So, to conclude, the island of Mykonos is one of the most popular luxury vacation destinations in the world mainly because some of Europe’s most extravagant villas are located there.